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according to autumn

If you read my last post 'transitioning into Autumn' you would know this is a favourite time of year for me.

One and a half months in and I am already feeling optimistic and full of bright abundant Autumn energy.

What's my secret?

Adjusting to the season and listening to my body.

Starting with deepening my relationship with food and my cycle.

(I saved this link in my browser: and it has been so helpful to refer to as a guide before dropping into the shops)

~ the relationship

When you pause even if only for a moment you can find your brain spiralling through your day, your conversations, future jobs, chores and goals. This is the best time to ask yourself some questions that really help to attune into the moment but also prepare for the future action. I find that before we eat we rarely pause and just do because well, we are hungry?

Questions I urge you to write down and imprint in your brain to support you with choosing foods appropriately.

  • What is my relationship to food?

  • What is my relationship to my body?

  • What is my relationship to my skin?

How could these relationships be healthier, more fulfilling, more loving?

Normally, when I am stressed and frustrated (and premenstrual), I start seeking comforts and comfort food, would I be willing to stop?, breathe?, and ask myself what is it that I am actually hungry for; to be seen, heard and valued, that needs to be fed with my own awareness and be emotionally nurtured? And if I do indulge, could I be open to making that an empowering choice, rather than one that feeds a cycle and pattern that eventuates to guilt?

By simply pausing, and questioning your routine you are taking a step towards empowerment.

You're choosing to listen, deep within.

Again, What am I hungry for?

Could I choose fewer labels, packages, boxes and bags, and more real food in its most natural, unaltered, unadulterated, unprocessed and unrefined forms?

The more food that we eat that has come as freshly as possible from mother earth will support, nurture and nourish us the most.

“If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food". - Erick McAdams

“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”. – Edward Stanley

A few incorporations into my daily routine;

  • Bone Broth (first thing in the morning, one teaspoon in boiling water I use the brand Grevity)

  • BY BETH collagen (Wood & Spice) almost like a pick-me-up

  • One Eleven Bliss (at any time of the day, for me, especially in the evening - this is an incredible Ayurvedic blend that I will be stocking soon because well, Im obsessed with how much it has benefited my life)

  • TEAesk Lemongrass & Ginger tea (in replacement of cold water) I drink this more than anything, there is just something about tea and warm water in the cooler seasons.

  • Avocado & Sprouts on organic rice crackers - this is my snack, occasionally add tuna.

  • Stir fry's and Asian cuisine of an evening with a variety of vegetables.

~ adjusting to my cycle

I have also started to incorporate some changes depending on my cycle and what will benefit me the most in those 4 phases. In particular the menstrual phase.

Did you know during the menstruation phase of a woman’s cycle, her immune system is at its weakest and that an enormous 80% of her immune system is redirected towards her reproductive system, leaving only 20% of the immune system left to support any other health issues. It is safe to say we need to be mindful and aware of the extra support, rest and nourishment our bodies may need at this time.

It has been a breakthrough for me learning the rhythms of the my hormone cycle so that I can live in accordance with my energy cycles rather than working against them.

Menstrual Phase:

Element: Earth

Season: Winter

Chakra: Root/ Sacral


During menstruation, our energy is usually at its lowest. We feel tired, withdrawn and emotional. However, despite fatigue, ethnobotanical studies show that many indigenous cultures considered moontime especially sacred. We should treat it as a sacred time.


Just like the winter season, during menstruation we typically go inwards and hibernate. This is the time to rest and focus on self care rituals.

Nap and rest - I have been taking breaks between clients to just rest and recover with a herbal tea

Nourishing baths - I am so fortunate to have a beautiful bath tub that hugs me

Relaxing activities - Mindful and grounding practices, I love the Autumn air, so getting outside with my dog and just focusing on my breathing

Journal - Reflection is so important during this time

Set intentions for the upcoming month - Sometimes it can feel doom + gloom and if thats the case, then have a look into whats coming up for you or what you would like to do after this phase has passed.

Book a nourishing treatment - I have had 2x sessions this season with Bec from Rebecca Cook Naturopathy in Salt Bush Clinic Austinmer,The Nourish and Nurture package is 1.5 hours of complete health and wellness bliss from the inside-out. Think Reiki, sound healing, bush essence meditation, ear candelling and scalp massage.


Engage in slow movement such as walking or practice yoga. I have been visiting Annie for yoga for a few months now and find her classes extremely restorative during all phases of my cycle.

Annie refers to yoga as a conscious practice;

"Yoga is about becoming a more conscious human being where you can learn your habits and propensities, so you can develop the less developed part of yourself to become a more well-rounded, spherical, buoyant being" - Annabelle Clifford


It’s important to replenish your body with foods rich in iron and zinc such as:


Spirulina & Kelp


Sprouts & Microgreens

Pumpkin seeds





Raw honey

Grass Fed/Sustainably Sourced Red Meat (Beef/ Kangaroo/Venison), Liver, Bone Broth and Duck, Wild Caught Seafood

Ahhh beautiful Autumn ~~

This season is a reminder of change. It reminds us that our bodies, minds and surroundings are always evolving, focusing on the impermanence of life and encouraging us to stay present.

It reminds us to preserve our energy, a chance to reconnect with ourselves and protect our immunity and prepare to rest as we consider the months of Autumn as a preparation for winter. We reflect, set goals, nourish our body and rest our minds. And as the leaves fall, we like to imagine the beauty of letting go–surrendering to the temporary nature of everything around us and what is our of our control.

And so for every meal, even the small ones.. make a decision. Choose to listen to your own rhythms, your own energy. Choose to bring awareness to your body, and the sensation of eating in the Autumn season.

Thank you for reading and following along my journey. If this resonated, or if you would like to share an experience, please leave a comment or get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you. With love and light,

Jacqueline x


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Bliss! What a wonderful rhythm you have. It's great when the journey has this ebb and flow. I love living seasonally 🥰

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