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Ruah Bridal

For she is elegant and radiant

At Ruah Skin Spa, we believe she is to be wildly celebrated in her pure elegance

Through a curation of skin & body treatments tailored to you, your personalised experience allows you to discuss wellness and aesthetic concerns, hopes and dreams to ensure you are radiating abundantly on your Wedding day.

There is a widely adopted belief that we are to 'show up' as the most beautiful version of ourselves and this persuasive pressure explains why so many brides panic in their search for pre-wedding skincare and treatments. 

Together, we can set specific goals whether that's promoting skin health, increasing collagen and elastin or supporting our lymphatic system with regular sculpting. I want to support you in managing your Bridal expectations by customising your experience so we can create a ritual that makes sense for you and puts you on your track towards an attainable

skin-mind-body plan for your Wedding Day. 


There is no way we can promote packages for a Bride to be.

Packages just aren't the Ruah way.

Each Bride equals a different skin condition, different time frame, different budget and different skin care style.

Bridal Expecations at Ruah are fully tailored.

Every Bride deserves beautiful skin and it is our purpose and joy to make it happen.

For your personalised Bridal Consultation and care, please allow either 12, 10 or 6 months to start before your beautiful day. Consultations start at $150 and include your E-guide personalised to you. To begin, please send through an enquiry.

With love,

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