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As summer draws to a close the weather begins to cool and the humidity drops. Autumn is a good time to prepare for the winter months to come, and to look again at the basics of skin care and the primary factors and causes of irritation. Remember: There are many possible causes of skin irritation including metabolic disorders, ageing, hormones, lifestyle choices, genetic factors, stress, and the environment.

In autumn, the weather is at its most unpredictable.

It is known as the 'season of the winds.' I personally love the cooler temps and Autumn time brings me so much inspiration and creativity, however not the ideal time for my skins health.

There is less humidity and the air is drier.

Because of this, the skin’s natural protective film can be compromised and become irritated. This is generally due to loss of moisture.

  • Skin can feel rough, dry and tight. Although we've had some sunny days, I am already experiencing the effects of higher winds & cooler mornings.

  • Redness increases and the unpleasant itching of irritated skin can become a real burden.

Therefore, during autumn (and winter) it is important to increase the lipid content of your moisturiser to keep the skin soft, smooth and resistant to environmental stressors. This is especially important for those people who spend a lot of time outdoors and also those working in overheated indoor environments.

ruah recommendations for autumn skincare


'Applying a moisturiser each day is essential.'

I recommend that during Autumn you replace your Dermaviduals High Classic with High Classic Plus or add some nourishing dermaviduals oils into your customised blend - Avocado Oil has been recently added to mine. Our Soothe Cream by Synthesis Organics is also a perfect, soothing Autumn moisturiser used alongside Replenish Elixir

Last year at Ruah, our customised AUTUMN OIL went wild! With clients absolutely loving the feel of it on their skin and the impact it had leading into winter.

What's in it?

  • Kiwi seed serum –with essential Omega 3 to prevent irritation

  • Boswellia - to decrease redness and prevent the loss of collagen

  • Evening Primrose Oil – for mature skin and support of skin repair

  • Avocado oil – to support barrier function

  • Macadamia nut oil – for an extra rich skin feel and protection

To claim yours, msg Jacq ASAP! Its great to start using NOW to build your skin up ready for Winter!


'Always remember to apply your moisturiser not only to the face but to the sensitive skin of the neck and décolleté.'

In autumn we tend to wash our hands more often as a protection against cold, flu and other seasonal viruses. This is a great practice, HOWEVER, the frequent use of soap and water attacks the protective barrier of already stressed hands.

Instead of soap, Try some organic hand and body wash. It will clean your hands with no risk of drying them out. Regular application of Synthesis Organics Hand & Body lotion is also advisable.

It is important after your morning shower, to apply a body lotion to the WHOLE body.

Dermaviduals DMS Body lotion is rapidly absorbed without leaving a greasy film. It contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to keep the skin hydrated and support skin elasticity. For best results, massage into your skin while it is still slightly damp. Then, once a week, treat yourself to a rich and nurturing Tenfione oil bath. This is my favourite velvety bath oil for my sensitive skin as it softens and smoothes dry skin and supports the recovery of irritations.

Synthesis Organics Miracle Body Lotion - A rich, luxurious 'miracle lotion' . Alchemical imbued and blended with over 14 precious oils and herbal infusions to nourish skin and soothe the soul. My favourite lotion there is, and used in all my Synthesis Organics Rituals. If you know, you know.


'Exfoliating gently for a glowing complexion'

In addition to using an enriched moisturiser during autumn, you can maintain the healthy glow of summer by adding some exfoliation to your regime. My favourite, is dermaviduals peeling cream. Peeling cream is perfect for refining your skin in autumn. Old, dead skin cells are gently removed and allow the skin to breathe. Blood circulation is promoted and the formation of new cells is stimulated.

Whilst I'm torn saying goodbye to the long, hot summer days here at Ruah, we welcome the generally pleasant Autumn months of cooler winds, warm sunshine, beautiful colours and soothing herbal teas.

As a few of you have already experienced during March,

The Essential Oil Synergy used is our bioenergetic 'ABUNDANCE'

An encouraging, warm and inspiring essential oil synergy that encourages you to feel unlimited optimism, passion and manifestation capacity.

Blended from Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Patchouli, Cinnamon Bark and Ginger Root.

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