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Meet Isobel ~ 'Naturally Is.'


An empathic one.

A person who holds space for you while you

Awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.

Hey Is,

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and share your experiences with our Ruah community. Personally, I just love the vibration of you and what you offer, having had a Reiki session with you and clients visiting your Sound Healing events.

Can you share a little about yourself and what you do?

Thank you beautiful Jaq for your kind words and for chatting with me today!

To begin I live and breathe all things healing, health and wellness. I grew up here locally, and after trialling and erroring many different career paths including events, marketing, banking and doing a business degree, health and healing is what ultimately was calling me as my true purpose.

I am now in the healing arts, as both a Reiki Energy Practitioner and host Sound Healing and bespoke wellness events for people to connect with their highest self and cultivate inner radiance for an outer glow.

I use the transforming science of sound and vibration as meditation and in particular use ancient style instruments 'crystal singing bowls' in the sound healing events. And when not doing events I am giving energy healing sessions. All while slowly getting through my second degree in a doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You often mention your healing journey and how this career chose you.

Could you tell us more about this journey?

Yes! My healing journey is a long and emotional one. I suffered a chronic skin condition since age 12 and only managed to heal this by age 24. Going through something so visible in your most social years tested my emotional and mental wellbeing in that decade. I spent countless hours, money and tears navigating the root cause of this and have also had my fair share of gut, hormonal and bacterial health problems during. 

I have tried almost every diet, cleanse, healing modality to name and have since changed my whole lifestyle, diet and mindset to support my authentically healthy life that suits me, and looks at all the pillars of health - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. 

Through my own experiences I am now rich in knowledge about what it means to be truly healthy and what healing tools are the most beneficial, which is now my greatest gift and service to others in the work I do today. 

I have loved watching your business unfold so beautifully, what has surprised you the most? Has there been any change from your first decision to start Naturally Is? How have you adapted?


Aw thank you, this means a lot to me! So much love and care goes into my business. Business is always full of surprises I think! haha but I would say, the constant putting myself out of my comfort zone and then the actual reward I receive from this really surprised me, as it is so scary putting your passions out there initially! 

But doing the scary stuff is something you just become friends with and welcome, as this means you're always growing and getting reward from every achievement you make. 

And with business so much changes when you actually start! In a good way though. You get inspired in different ways when you start to put yourself out there and engage with the community, especially when you see how much they get out of your offerings. Business is constant learning and really you just have to go forth and do it before you're ready! You can never be fully prepared but just putting yourself out there and having conversations with people that share your vision feels really empowering.

Social media definitely is a love/hate relationship too as I think we are moving into a time where we wish to be more conscious with how much time we spend online and I think you can do that, by not being on there all the time and putting out content of quality rather than quantity.

In a typical day, or you dream ‘Naturally Is’ day (I know, no two days are the same)

What does this look like? And how do you feel? 

There is definitely no typical day as I balance a life full of many things such as work, study and play. However, typically I always incorporate some of my self care rituals depending on what I feel called to do such as journaling, stretching, lymphatic shaking and exercise but will always do my 1 hour of self reiki meditation, I really notice when I don't meditate now. I will always wake with a bone broth and apple cider vinegar, celtic salt and warm water combo, then if I am doing Reiki clients that day I will make sure I move my body such as at home Pilates and stretch, do my own self reiki practice/ meditation and cleanse my field so I am in the best energetic state to do the healings on people.

Then at the end of my day I will cleanse with a bath and magnesium salts and do a sage cleanse also. 

I take what I do very seriously for both my events and Reiki sessions as I need to hold space for people to move through their mental and emotional states.  

Your journey has been so inspiring, and I love how genuine, thoughtful and welcoming I have found our collaborations together. Could you share a little about your vision for Naturally Is? Can we expect more collabs and events in the future?

Likewise! It has been really special as women to collaborate and support each other in our power. 

My vision is big for Naturally Is. I will definitely be featuring and hosting retreats and retreat days both locally and interstate, and hosting more private/ corporate events solo and with other beautiful practitioners, + regular sound healing classes! There may even be something in the works for Ruah and Naturally Is...

Reiki Healings and sessions, I hope to see people doing more of too as they become more familiar with this beautiful healing modality. 

And lastly I hope to move more into the online space with something special brewing as I think people need more accessible healing services which will just unfold as the year goes on.

Your current faves ~

Local Café love: All Good Things Cafe, clean organic ingredients, no nasties or seed oils! And Lee And Me, I am in love with their Chai Latte.

3 Beauty/Skin items you can't live without:

1. My Dermaviduals moisturiser you recommended to me! I cannot live without this and use it everyday.

2. My Gua Sha and oil I use religiously 3 x a week.

3. And lastly my Avocado Zinc is my all time favourite clean tinted sunscreen and moisturizer. The perfect no make-up, makeup look.

Favourite selfcare ritual: New Moon (Calling in) and Full Moon (letting go) rituals, a perfect time to journal, meditate and reflect on things I need to let go of and what I wish to call in that moon cycle month. Truly is soothing and empowering.

Book/ Podcast recommendation:

Podcast: Steven Bartlett's, Diary Of A CEO podcast has been a favourite of mine since he started - practical, informative and inspiring business and life content.

Book: Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini (although cheesy title), this was my first self help book and really is a great start to understanding your negative self talk and limiting beliefs that also had practical activities in the book.

A sweet piece of advice for the newcomers to healing and how they can ease into your wellness experiences:

Trust what you're curious about.

Whether that be naturopathy, reiki healings, breathwork or sound healing/meditations. That is your body telling you there is something in this for you, and you will get alot out of it.

And leaning into the healing space can feel scary or unknown but most people will explore it on their own, as it's about developing a greater relationship with yourself and moving past the things that hold YOU back.

Keeping up to date on my socials is the best way to see what is going on and booking yourself into a healing or attending upcoming events and retreats. My instagram DM's and email are always open to chat or ask questions, especially if you're unsure about my offerings.  

The events and retreats are a beautiful way to ease yourself into the healing space and an amazing self care practice. As for Reiki, it truly allows you to move through those stuck and stagnant thoughts and emotions.

I feel in my soul Reiki and Sound Healings will become the norm and leaning into this world will see people more fulfilled, empowered, and healing their wounds.

Thank you for your time Is, love everything your about and can't wait to see what unfolds next for you!

You can find and contact the beautiful Isobel via the following links:


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