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Synthesis Organics

Facial Rituals that are more than skin deep ~

Our treatments curated with Synthesis Organics Bioactive products cultivate the flow and energy of natural life-force, 'or qi', which is understood to be the 'secret' at the heart of the worlds greatest healing traditions.

Each treatment modality is a perfect response to your needs, deeply nurturing skin and senses, elevating you beyond to discover pure renewal.


60min ~ $180

An elevated holistic facial journey, nurturing your skin and senses, to enhance the timeless beauty of your natural radiance. Curated and customised to your unique skin type, conditions and concerns, super nutrients boost skin cell renewal, increase collagen, tone, firm, brighten and smooth away redness, congestion and fine lines.

the method:

The face, neck and decolletage are soothed and cleansed with our botanical oils and refined with natural AHA & BHA enzymes, preparing it to be layered with phyto-retinol rich hydrating cream mask infused with miraculous regenerative properties evoking this ritual-passage facial to an elevated state of being and visibly renewed complexion.


75min ~$230

A pure and beautifully gentle treatment, beneficial to the most sensitive skin, during pregnancy or after illness/ surgery. This treatment is a gift!

Layer upon layer of organic, nurtient rich oils an soothing botanical extracts combine with Gua Sha Massage to transform your skin. Renew your glow and experience a deep sense of wellbeing with healing touch and energy clearing & balancing.

the method:

The face, neck and decolletage are soothed and cleansed with our botanical oils and refined with gentle jojoba and clay, preparing it to be infused with our calming elixir and Gua sha massage. Your skin is prepped for LED Light Therapy focuing on soothing and calming whilst you surrender to a Ruah signature arm and hand massage.


90min ~ $270

"A happy place in the sun, a brightness and love. Heart Open, Skin Revitalised"

Restore balance and transform the skin with Synthesis Organics nutrient rich bio-actives, fruit enzymes, LED Light Therapy and lymphatic massage to clarify, detoxify and stimulate collagen production. Suitable for all skin types, particularly those prone to congestion. ~ includes herbal foot soak

the method:

A pure and invigorating treatment begins with a renewing double cleanse, enzyme therapy with native fruits such as Davidson Plum, Quandong and Papaya enzymes that reveal a brighter complexion. LED Light Therapy and Lymphatic massage techniques dupport puritfication and skin cell renewal while a Vitamin C mineral mask detoxes, brightens and supports the skin back to balance.

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