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Your 24 hour support from the plant kingdom!

Breath of Australia nourishes your connection to nature even if you're stuck inside, like ‘forest bathing’ in a bottle. It also supports healthy breathing, boosts your energy levels and helps you focus on the tasks at hand, all while feeling blissfully calm.

Deep Peace is the perfect way to release the events of the day and set yourself up for a deep restorative night of sleep.

Daytime Ritual: Diffuse in your home or office and breathe in the invigorating vital aromas.

Night Ritual: Diffuse in your bedroom for at least 20 minutes as you wind down to sleep for the night. Pair with other calming rituals such as reading, meditating, gentle stretching or journalling.

Night & Day Essential Oil Synergy

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    • Eases tension in the mind and body relieving fatigue, headaches and stress.

    • Increases blood flow to the brain and boosts concentration.

    • Calms and grounds the central nervous system.

    • Anti-microbial properties to purify and freshen the air.


    • Promotes a sense of deep relaxation, calming the mind and body to release the need to control what you cannot.

    • Freshen stagnant energy to promote energy renewal, positivity and joy.

    • Soothes worries, headaches, n

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