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Lemon Myrtle, Backhousia citriodoraOrigin: AustraliaExtraction: Steam distilled, LeavesThe aroma of this essential oil, native to Northern NSW Australia, is lively and refreshingly citrusy. It is a wonderful mood lifter and calming to the central nervous system.High in vitamin C and extremely rich in citral making it very useful for purification. Lemon Myrtle is even more anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial than that of Tea Tree.Use to help:Reduce the appearance of blemishes.Soothe skin irritations, minor burns and insect bites. Treat cuts and small wounds.Soothe fatigued muscles. Repel insects. Purify the air from unwanted odours.Australian Certified OrganicVegan Friendly Certified Cruelty-Free Certified Australian MadeAustralian Certified Toxic Free

Lemon Myrtle Certified OrganicEssential Oil

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  • Uplift, Enliven, Cleanse 

    Improves concentration, uplifts, soothes hypertension, boosts happiness, aids sleeping, removes bad aromas from rooms.


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