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Fragonia, Agonis fragransOrigin: AustraliaExtrction: Steam distillation, Leaves and branchesA soft subtle aroma with a floral tea tree note. This Australian native is referred to as the "golden triangle" - the symbol of balance and harmony by renowned French Aromatherapist, Dr. Penoel due to its unique and perfectly balanced ratio of compounds. Regenerating and balancing for the skin with antiseptic, antimicrobial properties. Known for its support of respiratory and inflammatory conditions.Use to help:Support respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, catarrh, sinus congestion and colds.Treat acne and soothe inflammatory skin conditions. Treat and heal bacterial and fungal skin infections and wounds.Relieve inflammatory muscular conditions.Promote relaxation, stress relief and heal old emotional wounds.Vegan Friendly CertifiedCruelty-Free CertifiedAustralian MadeAustralian Certified Toxic Free

Fargonia Certified Organic Essential Oil

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  • Balance, Harmony, Letting Go

    Ideal for anyone going through stressful times. Calms the mind, unblocks emotions, resets old patterns, and can guide insight. Harmonises and restores tranquility and peace.

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