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Eucalyptus Blue Mallee, Eucalyptus polybracteaOrigin: AustraliaExtraction; Steam distilled, leaves and stemStrong, sweet, medicinal, camphoraceous, clean aroma. Known for its antiseptic and healing effects on the respiratory system and classically used for the treatment of colds, influenza, throat infections and bronchitis. Relieves tired muscles. Creates clean, fresh air and surfaces throughout the home. Use to help:Energise and moisturise the skin, creating a more radiant, firmer looking complexion. Control and balance oily breakouts.Ease sore, aching muscles.Repel insects.Overcome bad odours and freshen the air.Australian Certified OrganicVegan Friendly CertifiedCruelty-Free CertifiedAustralian MadeAustralian Certified Toxic Free

Eucalyptus Certified Organic Essential Oil

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  • Clearing, Breathing, Invigorating

    Ideal for use when exercising, recouporating or when breathing may be challenged.

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