Soothe Cleansing Oil

Soothe Cleansing Oil


Triple action cleanser treats the skin even as it gently dissolves makeup, excess oil and impurities.

Calming Aromatherapeutic and herbal benefits to soothe your whole being.

Enriched with natural Vitamins A, B, D & E, Essential Fatty Acids, minerals and the numerous benefits of Argan oil for luxuriously rejuvenated skin and eyelashes.

  • Skin types: All – excellent for sun-damaged, stressed, devitalized, de-hydrated, oily, combination and break-out prone skin.
  • Actives: 13
  • 98% Certified Organic, 100% natural
  • 50ml

SOOTHE Cleansing Oil has a synergised blend of nutrient rich, cold-pressed and antibacterial oils to treat your skin while gently dissolving makeup, sunscreen, excess oil and impurities from deep within your pores.

Infused with Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender flowers to visibly calm and condition the skin.

Using this oil, your skin’s delicate moisture balance is protected with an advanced softening action to leave it feeling smooth and supple.

Excellent for sun-damaged, stressed, sensitive, dehydrated, devitalised, oily, combination and break-out prone skin.

Removes make-up (including waterproof mascara) without burning or irritating the skin or delicate eye area.

Nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes whilst also boosting skin’s collagen and elastin production for youthful skin.

Soothes all skin types.

50ml 1.69 fl.oz. ℮