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In ancient Daoist Stone Medicine, the Chinese name for Green Aventurine is "Green Spirit Stone" because green is associated with regeneration and renewal. Stagnant Qi, or vital life force energy, has long been known as a root cause of inflammation and health disorders. That's why our Green Aventurine Gua Sha has been further Energy Imbued® to enhance the regulation of Qi by moving this energy to clear stagnation and promote healing through the skin. 


And what's more, our Energy Imbued® Gua Sha also doubles as a water energiser. Simply charge your glass of water on the logo facing side of the gua sha and take 3 sips to benefit from the energy balancing benefits of a traditional Daoist stone medicine elixir.


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  • - Tone and smooth skin
    - Invigorate blood flow and microcirculation
    - Stimulate lymphatic drainage and immune response
    - Destress

  • After cleansing and toning, apply Replenish Elixir to your skin. Then follow our video in the images above on how to use your Gua Sha.

    The best way to wash your Gua Sha tool is using warm water and gentle soap. Dry it with a clean towel and gently wrap it to protect it from break and dust.

    It is ideal to cleanse your stone and recharge it using the Moon's energy as Green Aventurine is part of the Quartz family so just like Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz, it can't be charged in the sunlight.

    To clear its energy before recharging it with the Moon's energy, we recommend using smoke blessing or intention to clear any stagnant energy.

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