Synthesis Organics


Theme Rains


“Synthesis Organics was launched in 2015, inspired by decades of study, practice and teaching in the Healing Arts, both in Australia and internationally. I like to describe it as ‘the heart’ expressed through skincare, and see it as a vehicle for sharing all the healing influences that have touched and shaped my life.

In discovering more about the innate healing capacity of the body, and the desire to live in conscious harmony, so too grew a profound sense of responsibility for the sacred gift of life, a passion for truth and the care of the earth and all living things.

It had become obvious to me that skincare – something so regularly applied and absorbed into our body – had to be as pure as possible, with ingredients safe enough to eat, and full of positive energy. For the sake of our health and wellbeing, we need to nourish our skin with all it needs to function at its best, and not burden it with more toxins to eliminate.

I realised even ‘natural’ or ‘chemical free’ skin care still carries the residue of the pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic toxins which non-organically grown ingredients are exposed to. Choosing to create fully certified organic skincare was part of my commitment to offer only the highest standard of care to everyone Synthesis touches.

As well as doing no harm, we also need to ensure we can deliver results, and that is why I have formulated  Synthesis products with clinically tested bio-actives, as well as nature’s time-tested botanicals, proven to make a visible difference to the skin.

Through the incredible power of aromatherapy, our unique energy imbuement™ and holistic spa treatments, Synthesis also supports the body to release layers of stress and tension, promoting balance and evoking the youthful radiance of heartfelt beauty.

I truly believe just by changing our skin care regime we can make a huge difference to our health and quality of life. I am honoured that Synthesis is now used and endorsed by customers and industry professionals from around the world.

May you find a quiet moment each day to be nurtured and uplifted by Synthesis Organics products, created to nourish not only your skin but your whole being.

My inspiration is to support everyone touched by our products to shine their Light, Love, Beauty and Spirit all the brighter.”

With love,

Theme Rains, founder and formulator.

S.N.H.S. Dip. (Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Counselling and Psychotherapy.)




Melinda Di Marco

Like a warm hug on a rainy day, tea is welcoming. There's little more comforting than taking a step away to enjoy a fresh cup, or catching up with family and friends over a well-made pot of tea; it’s these moments that are life's true pleasures.

We're a South Coast of Australia based, boutique tea business; purveyors of farmer-conscious, quality hand-crafted teas and herbal infusions sourced from one side of the earth to the other. Our tea provides moments of delight, for those who have few moments; the busy office worker, the multi-tasking mum, the tired and in-between. It’s for the humble amongst us, who drink our tea to enjoy its taste, and embrace its wellbeing, wedded to the moment of escape as each sip is a journey to around the world.

We care about the people who drink our tea, so we must care about the people who make it. All TeaEsk tea is sourced from farmer-friendly suppliers and many use organic-farming practices. From the farm to the cup!

TeaEsk is founded by Australian Certified Tea Master and Tea Blender, Melissa (Escribano) Di Marco.

Melissa loves two things most in life; helping people and tea, and is proud to enjoy both passions with you through her own line 'TeaEsk'. 



We believe that there is beauty in simplicity.

We believe that skin care should be composed without the excess.

The vitality and preservation of your skin is an integral part of everyday life and
should be nourished with vitamins and minerals that have been specifically curated to transcend your skin.

We have taken the guesswork out of what you should and shouldn’t use, and have simplified it all by mastering formulations that nurture the natural necessities of your complexion.

The Creative Director behind Honey knows that there is opulence in authenticity and each ingredient chosen is a reflection of this. Every formulation is created with organically derived ingredients sourced in their most pure and ethical forms of harvest in Australia. Honey has been built to heal, restore and replenish. Lu-cent and fresh, inspired by the beautiful simplicity in life.


Honey Health And Wellness was created with the intention to provide skin care that is straight forward and simple. Honey Health and Wellness makes a pledge to remain uncomplicated in its approach yet luxurious in its quality and nutrients. Like medicine for the skin, each ingredient is curated to heal and delicately nurture.



Nurturer. Spirit guide. Seductive temptress. Osun Sparkling embodies all of these things. 

We infuse the health benefits of botanicals into positively-charged crystal water and bottle it in a purely stunning package. 

We’re all about being kind to yourself, connecting with sincerity yet flirting with luxury. Taking the time to look after your wellbeing in a way that appreciates material wonder without neglecting spiritual significance.  

Because in this day and age you should be able to have it all and be it all.

Sip often, with intention.   

Our Mantra 

Health. Balance. Beauty.

Everything we do at Osun is aimed at achieving these three things for our community. The revitalizing botanicals we select. The crystals we use to positively charge our drinks. The mindful way we brew on full-moons. The stunning designs we put together. They all weave together to bring more health, balance, and beauty to our lives. 

Founders Note

Sparked by change....

A couple of years ago, I was going through a spiritual shift in life, feeling the need to slow down, be more intentional and enjoy every moment. I began meditating and experimenting with the properties of crystal water. It worked wonders for me. 

At that same time I was running a loose-leaf tea business. I realized there weren’t a lot of premade drinks out there that offer the health benefits of botanicals. You either had to boil, steep and stir something yourself, or the alternatives were packed with sugar. I thought it might be a good idea to put something out new there.

Then it struck me. Why don’t I combine it all? Positively-charged crystal water with the health benefits of botanicals, all served in a way that helped bring some more beauty into the world.

Osun Sparkling was born. 

The concept resonated vibrantly online and things took off. Some people connected with the spiritual aspect of crystal water brewed on moon cycles. Some loved the sugar-free taste combined with botanical antioxidants. Others were delighted they now had a sparkling non-alcoholic drink sophisticated enough to take to gatherings. Whether it was one or all of these reasons, one thing was clear - people wanted more. 

Since then, thousands of like-minded people are enjoying the benefits of Osun Sparkling, with its luxurious feel and deep connection with the self.

If you haven’t yet, pour yourself a glass, sip with intention and take some me time to enjoy the finer moments in life. 

Cheers to health, to balance, and to beauty.  

Sam xo