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Refresh tired feet with Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, and sea salt foot exfoliation, followed with a detoxifying mud mask and relaxation massage of the lower legs and feet. This nourishing foot treatment helps to improve circulation and revive the senses.

30min - $50

Begin your treatment with a soak of Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle and our Ocean Glow salts. Exfoliation encourages the removal and regeneration of skin cells whilst the aromas awaken your tired feet and cleanse away stress and tension before you enter into your treatment with Ruah Organic.

15min - $25

Enhance your natural beauty and ignite your youthful radiance. Your skin is nurtured with plant potent plant actives  through an immersive journey of the senses, optimising your body's innate ability to repair.

30min - $50

Relieve a busy mind with this deeply relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.Chakra balancing oils are used to bring the whole body back into harmony. A warm aromatic Synthesis Hair & scalp elixir is applied & an Acupressure point massage works along the meridian lines to relieve stress & tension while increasing blood flow to the scalp.

The elixir penetrates deep into the hair for a nourishing & conditioning treatment, encouraging healthy hair growth and leaving hair silky soft.

30min - $50


Release, relax and renew with a massage tailored to you. Beginning with an aromatherapy journey and followed with a relaxing of deep tissue massage of your choice. Allow the power of touch soothe away stress and tension as you surrender into stillness.

30min - $50

Foot Revival

Chakra Balancing

Hair & Scalp

Refresh Bio-Active

Organic Facial

Herbal Foot




30min - $50

15min - $30