Soothe Tisane

Soothe Tisane


Soothing and highly nourishing herbs lovingly combines to gently support your body. Rich in nutrients, immune boosting antioxidants and amino acids.

Includes herbs to encourage relaxation, aid digestion, soothe morning sickness, stress, insomnia and recovery from travel.

  • Child and pregnancy-friendly.
  • Caffeine-Free.
  • 50g
  • Australian Certified Organic, 100% Natural and Vegan

Certified organic Soothe Tisane includes the following:

Honeybush – relieves body of colds, flus and other bugs and viruses. Soothes skin conditions such as eczema, calms cramps, indigestion and calms the mind to reduce anxiety, stress, sadness and depression to prompt joyfulness and wellbeing.

Chamomile – containing the amino acid Tryptophan which reduces stress, anxiety, depression and balances behaviour and moods and helps relieve insomnia.

Ginger Root – a powerful anti-inflammatory to soothe digestive system to ease nausea, morning sickness, travel sickness, stomach bugs and migraines. Proven by The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center that ginger can destroy ovarian and colon cancer cells.

Lemon Balm – soothes upset the stomach, calms bloating and flatulence. Powerful in calming and relaxing the mind including anxiety and ADHD in children and adults and helping to relieve insomnia.