Self Care Ritual

Self Care Ritual


Treat yourself to the ultimate gift of love; a daily self-care ritual to nurture and embrace your inside and out with the purest, highest vibrational natural ingredients.

This ritual includes:

50g Brighten Beauty Tisane

10ml Light Haven Roll-on

50ml Relax Body Oil

A Self-Care Ritual PDF (an email will be sent with a download link).


Tip: Ensure you use a loving touch to apply the Synthesis products. Breathe deeply throughout, absorbing the restoring aromatherapy and Energy Imbuement benefits of your products, and bringing balance to your whole being.

Step 1 – Essential Oil Synergy

Light Haven Essential Oil Synergy will hold you in a healing sphere of light when you apply it to your pulse points and as a perfume.

Step 2 – Tisane (Herbal Tea)

Brighten Beauty Tisane nourishes you as you sip on it, warm or cold, with 10 vitamin C rich flowers, herbs and fruits that boost your immune system, calm your digestion and bring brightness to your complexion.

Step 3 – Massage

Relax Body Oil with Australian Rosalina, Sandalwood and Lavender will deeply moisturise your skin while calming your senses, restoring inner peace. 

Tip: When you follow our step by step self-care massage techniques you will also receive a multitude of benefits.