Purify Travel Pack

Purify Travel Pack

Do you love our Purify range, and wish it could travel with you? Or always wanted to try it but didn’t want to commit to the full sized bottles? Looking for the ideal gift for the person who is normally impossible to buy for? We have the perfect solution for you – introducing our NEW Purify Travel Pack! All your favourite products from our Purify range in handy, travel-size bottles, complete with a reusable and sustainable jute toiletry bag.

You can expect:

Purify Enzyme Cleanser 5ml
Purify Moisturiser 5ml
Purify Dry Exfoliant 10g
Reusable jute toiletry bag
The Purify range is ideal for any skin type, but works especially well with normal, oily and combination skin.

Purify Enzyme Cleaner

Activates cellular renewal, removes environmental aggressors, restores balance and radiance.
Award Winning treatment and cleanser in one.
Balancing essential oils and over 100 beneficial phytonutrients stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis promoting a brighter, more even skin tone and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, acne and blemishes.
Enzymes break down the keratin protein and allow fresh, new, soft cells to come to the surface. This makes them particularly great for oily or congested skins as they allow the break down of blocked pores and remove excess dirt and bacteria to reduce breakouts and inflammation.
Certified Organic and 100% natural, this cleanser is pure enough to eat!
Purify Moisturiser

A light weight moisturiser, we have combined the potent antioxidant and UV damage protection benefits from Green Tea, Davidson Plum and Kakadu Plum to create an intensely effective synergy of natural ingredients.
Boasting a smooth, silky texture and gorgeous fragrance, this creme hydrates, reduces redness and inflammation while promoting cellular renewal for smooth, healthy looking and feeling skin.
Purifying bio-actives from Finger Lime Caviar and Lemon Myrtle combine antibacterial and astringent qualities to balance and reduce the appearance of clogged and enlarged pores for a clear, radiant complexion, making it the perfect companion for dealing with redness, blemishes and irritations.
Certified Organic and 100% natural, this creme is pure enough to eat!
Purify Dry Exfoliant

Our Exfoliant is tried and tested, with purifying, healing and detoxifying anti-bacterial properties to help treat and prevent acne, congestion and devitalised skin.
A large component of this comes from our use of organic spirulina. Known as one of the “superfoods”, spirulina is a type of oceanic algae that contains a wide array of nutrients. This  activates skin cell regenerating properties that defy ageing and nurture a healthy glowing and youthful complexion.
Organic Rapadura Sugar dissolves into glycolic acid to create a mild chemical peel effect on the skin, loosening the surface layer of the skin to reveal a fresh, clear complexion.