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Colour Resonance: Yellow Orange

Your personal sanctuary from the storm of everyday life. A haven is that place we retreat to in order to heal and restore from the events and people we deal with everyday that can take our energy and leave us in shatters.

With this Light Haven Essential Oil Synergy, you can rest assured that you're being held in the golden light that is Happiness itself as you are restored to Truth and intimacy with yourself and others.

Emerge reborn with strength and the happy feeling that there is more to life; a sign of the truly evolved state.

Light Haven Essential Oil Synergy

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  • Provides a safe haven of protection, strength and inner peace.
    • Acts like a sedative to calm the mind, reduce stress, depression and insomnia.
    • Promotes confident and clarified thoughts.
    • Promotes intimacy, expression of feelings and sensuality.

    Australian Sandalwood - Provides inner protection and strengthening. Ideal for meditation and promoting a sense of inner peace.

    Vanilla - Soothes, relaxes and helps to reduce stress, depression and insomnia due its calming, sedative action.

    Grapefruit - Helps one feel alert, confident, uplifted with clarified thoughts by reducing stress and mental fatigue.

    Lavender - Potent sedative helpful in easing insomnia and calming the mind. Aligns and balances the Chakras.

    Frankincense - Slows down and deepens breathing to soothe and calm the mind.

    Cedarwood - Reduces tension, stress, fear and nervousness.

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