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Begin each day renewed and prepared.

Cleanse and exfoliate with Renew Enzyme Cleanser then protect and energise your skin for the day ahead with Spectrum Face Mist and Shield Moisturiser - a power duo to protect you from the effects of artificial blue light radiation, pollution, daily sun exposure and stresses that can trigger harmful inflammation and premature ageing.

Roll Chakra Balance onto your pulse points (temples, wrists, behind ears etc) and breathe in the balancing aromas as you close your eyes for a mini meditation to set your intentions for the day ahead.

Our rituals are designed to bring balance and harmony to our energy field as we consciously align to the beautiful intention and energy held within our products. When we start the day with this meditation on beauty, we become that presence ourselves, to the benefit of everyone and everything around us.

Take time to connect with the meaning of Beauty which is an attribute of the heart, and allow yourself to feel Love and acceptance for the day ahead.

Morning Beauty Ritual

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  • To cleanse, apply renew enzyme cleanser to damp skin. Leave on your skin for a few minutes (if time allows) as you breathe in the invigorating aromas, allowing the enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells. Rinse off with fresh cool water. Enjoy your skin’s softness.

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