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Colour Resonance: Light Blue


Clearing, refreshing, strengthening... the "breath of life." This essential oil synergy is pure forest bathing in a bottle, so breathe in the healing benefits of the Australian bush to unblock emotions and uplift spirits; ease tension and relieve fatigue.

Studies have shown that forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku) can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, blood pressure and anger; along with strengthening the metabolic and immune systems.

Breath of Australia Essential Oil Synergy

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  •  Eases tension in the mind and body to help relieve fatigue, headaches and stress.
    • Increases blood flow to the brain and boosts concentration.
    • Calms and grounds the central nervous system.
    • Anti-microbial properties to purify and freshen the air.

    Lemon Myrtle - Cleanses the air. Calms central nervous system to uplift spirits.

    Australian Sandalwood - Eases tension and relaxes the mind and body, helping to balance and uplift emotions.

    Eucalyptus - Purifies and refreshes air, relieves mental fatigue and headaches. Increases blood flow to the brain to promote concentration.

    Fragonia - Incredibly versatile. Unblocks emotions to balance and calm heart and mind.

    Rosalina - Soothes worries, calms headaches and irregular heartbeats. Grounds and relaxes the mind.

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