Body Bliss Ritual

Body Bliss Ritual


A bathing ritual that transports you to the rainforests of eastern Australia.

Emerge renewed and glowing with natural radiance.

This Ritual includes:

320ml Rainforest Body Lotion

320ml Hand and Body Wash 

400g   Ocean Glow Body Salts

A Body Bliss Ritual PDF (an email will be sent with a download link).

ip: Ensure you use a loving touch to apply the Synthesis products. Breathe deeply throughout, absorbing the restoring aromatherapy and Energy Imbuement benefits of your products, and bringing balance to your whole being.

Step 1 – Body Wash

Begin with a soothing Body Wash rich in natural vitamin C from Kakadu Plum. Apply to damp skin in your shower or as a bubble bath.

Step 2 – Exfoliation

Add the Ocean Glow Body Salts to your bath and/or combine with your Body Wash as a mineral exfoliation for your skin, leaving it glowing and even more receptive to the nourishing application of the Rainforest Body Lotion.

Step 3 – Body Lotion

Indulge your skin with the application of our organic Rainforest Hand & Body Lotion, soaking quickly into your skin, imbuing you with the renewing energy and aromas of the rainforest.

Tip: When you follow our step by step self-care massage techniques you will also receive a multitude of benefits.