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An Evolutionary Pick-Me-Up

Élan Vital is a term coined by French Philosopher Henri Bergson which refers to the “...original vital impulse which is the substance of consciousness and nature...” The term is employed here to mean the creative vibratory life-force that drives evolution.

This potent bioenergetic synergy is formulated to support improved conductivity of the life-force to empower your continued growth and transformation. Use our Élan Vital Synergy to support any endeavour that requires your creative or mental focus and energy to push through pretty much anything.

Blended from Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, Cedarwood Atlas and Rosemary.

Élan Vital Essential Oil Synergy

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  • Supports you to receive the life-force energy that flows through plants, and all life. 

    Boosts your overall vitality and sense of interconnection. 

    Energising, yet grounding. 

    Ideal for focused work and as a pick me up when feeling sluggish. 

    Feel yourself conducting the energy of the earth through your own body.

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