Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

The beginning of a 2 month adventure of a lifetime through Canada & the states with my travel partner, Jessica.

Tuesday 21st March 2017.

After an uncomfortable, long 14 hour direct flight to Vancouver, we arrive and its raining. From what we had heard, it rains a lot in Vancouver but after being seated for such a long time we were desperate to get out and about, so the concierge of our hotel gave us the directions to the Granville Island Market. Of course, we got lost but eventually found the water and caught the ferry over to the island.

With fresh fruit & produce everywhere, this market was adorable and the perfect way for us to spend our first jet lag day in Vancouver.

Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

Lucky for us, one of our family friends was living in Vancouver & had decided to join us on the Capillano Suspension Bridge walk. What a great experience it was, and so nice to get outside and amongst natures massive Douglas Fir (One of my favourite Essential Oils) & Western Red Cedar trees, we spent roughly 2 hours walking through the rainforest & trying to get the best photo when no one was on the bridge. Did you know, The bridge can hold 97 elephants? Insane.

For lunch, we headed back over to the Granville Island Market and although there was endless amounts of all amazing fresh fruit, I couldn't help but treat myself to the biggest slice of pepperoni pizza I could find! The afternoon we spent walking through the streets of Vancouver & taking in the vibe of the first stop on our journey through Canada.

Capillano Suspension Bridge

Granville Island Market

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