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Spring renewal regime

At this time of the year, our skin can show the signs of lipid peroxidation, which means it can become dry, tired and dull. It’s time to renew your skin!

During September through to December is the best time for me (or your skin therapist) to tailor your skin care regime to revitalise and prepare for these warmer months to come.

Some of my favourite Spring blends recommended are:

Day Cream ~ Dermaviduals DMS BASE CREAM with added D-panthenol, Caffeine and NMF. These super serums pack a punch as they hydrate, plump, & protect.

Night Cream ~Dermaviduals DMS BASE CREAM with a blend of Vitamins A, C and CM Glucan. Each of these Vitamins target cellular regeneration & revitalisation.

Custom Cleanser ~ to revitalize our skin, we must first ensure it is clean. Never be fooled into thinking that it’s ok to use soap or other foaming cleansers on your face. Containing a foaming agent, they strip the natural oils from your face, which is incredibly damaging. Our dermaviduals cleansing milk & gels is gentle, yet effective. Free of any nasties, it’s the only way to clean without harming the skin.

👉🏻If your skin is very dry after winter, I recommend you start using the DMS Peeling Cream or HONEY Exfoliator– an effective yet gentle exfoliator, nourishing for your skin and revealing fresher looking skin for that wow factor.

👉🏽If your skin is more congested and you have a tendency to break out, then a Individual mask tailored to your skin is right for you. Use once or twice a week. Apply like a mask and leave on for 10-15min. Rinse off with tepid water. Our other favourite mask is Synthesis Organics Soothe Dry Exfoliator & Mask.

👉🏾After exfoliation, reboot your skin’s vitamin levels and apply a generous amount of DMS Mask with Vitamins. Leave on for 20 min, then tissue off or increase your skin’s oxygen supply by a gentle massage of the rest into the skin until there is no product left.

👉🏿Boost your skin’s hydration level with a customised DMS Base Cream High Classic. Add the legendary HYALURONAN NAG LIPOSOMES or Hyaluronic Acid Liposome Plus, combined with NMF Liposomes and Kiwi Seed Oil Nanoparticles for intensive hydration, restoration of barrier function and to decrease inflammation.

What ever you may need, I am ready to help 💖


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