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Spring skin prep

Spring is the ultimate time of the year that represents new beginnings.

The temperature is gentle and fresh, the flowers sweet and blossoming.

The energy is renewed and there is positivity and motivation in the air. 

If you’re in the mood, spring cleaning your home, dusting out nooks and crannies, then now is the perfect opportunity to revamp your skincare routine, so fling open the bathroom cabinet and reconsider what’s inside.

Making the switch to natural alternatives from conventional products has never been easier. Spring is a great time to make some tweaks that will ensure you keep your skin protected and glowing in preparation for the warmer months ahead when you’re more likely to be outdoors and bare more skin than usual.

By now we all know that your skin (and body) requires adequate moisture inside and out, to stay plump and hydrated. As your skin is made up of both water and oil, you need a combination of both in your products. It’s a delicate balance to let your skin breathe.

The aim is to hydrate, not suffocate by using lighter products and incorporating sunscreen into your routine as the perfect prescription. 

  1. Try using our Aevitas Actives BB FINISH with Sunscreen as a suitable every day moderate protection. This lightweight, non-whitening formula is fortified with antioxidants. Also gives a subtle glow thanks to the incredible ingredient Biolumis!

2. As we tend to spend more time outdoors, engaging in sporting and water activities, products with great delivery systems that help penetrate the deeper dermal layers and assist with repairing and restoring your skin barrier are your secret weapon. Look at incorporating lighter products that contain peptides, antioxidants and vitamins from our Synthesis Organics Replenish Elixir so your skin can utilise and uptake key actives. 

3. Our new Hyaluronic Serum is like a giant drink for your skin, holding a thousand times its weight in water, it’s the perfect companion for plumping fine lines and hydrating the skin. Use the smallest amount of this super serum.

4. Our Synthesis Organics Brighten Vitamin C Serum offers your skin a potent, bioactive boost of antioxidants and extracted botanicals. 

5. Never underestimate the power of a facial mist. It's the perfect companion product and aids penetration when used prior to applying any serums, elixirs, oils and moisturisers. It’s also handy as an on-the-go refreshment that can be used throughout the day to set your makeup and give your skin a dewy glow. The Synthesis Organics Hydrate Tonic, is my absolute favourite product. I take i everywhere with me and spritz throughout the day.

6. For extra hydration look to incorporate the Ruah Organic Dolce Clay Masque, a gentle clay masque that supports the detoxification of your skin while imparting essential mineral and phytonutrients. Aim for 1-2 times a week to boost your skin.

7. Remember your skincare doesn’t end at your neck. Spring is the time to let your limbs loose and shed your winter skin

8. Book in for the Ruah Organic Signature Sandon Pt. Bio-active Facial to refresh the skin with potent plant actives and buff away the winters layers of dead skin cells.

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