Radiant Skin

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

• Cleanse, hydrate & moisturise twice a day

• Always remove your makeup prior to sleep to avoid breakouts

• Use a clay mask or hydrating Treatment masque at least once a week

• If you wear makeup regularly, be sure to give your skin an adequate break with some days of

• Begin the day by drinking a large glass of water with a squeeze of lemon to alkalise the system

• Keep hydrated! your skin contains up to 65% water. We lose around one litre a day through perspiration, so drink a minimum of two litres per day

• Avoid the sun, especially between 10am - 3pm. A bit of VitD is necessary, so 15 minutes out of this time zone without protection is good medicine. Wear a hat and use correct sunglasses

• Use a non-nano zinc based chemical free sunscreen daily to block out UVA and UVB rays

• Eat whole foods- organic fruits/ vegetables raw or lightly steamed. Cut down and minimise dairy, sugar, pre packaged foods and wheat based products.

• Limit meat consumption and only eat organic meat.

• Eliminate cigarettes.

• Minimise alcohol consumption. If you like a glass of wine at night to wind down, drink red instead, due to the beneficial properties

• Avoid foods and cosmetic products containing colours, preservatives, and flavourings

• Avoid using soap on the face, as this creates a drying effect by removing the skins natural oils, therefore unbalancing natural oil secretions

• Aim for 30 minutes of exercise

• Aim for 20 minutes daily of relaxation/ meditation

• Rest your body. Lack of sleep reduces the efficiency of cell regeneration and detoxification that occurs at nighttime.

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