Ice Blue..💙 Do you ever go out and do something different like a long bush walk or some weights for the first time or a new sport? You wake up with pain in your back or your legs from muscles that have never been used! This Ice Blue oil and cream is my lifesaver, from snowboarding close to every weekend my body is constantly aching and then coming back to work massaging my hands and wrists need some love as well.. This is my go-to oil! Burns the same as Voltaren and DP only this product is 100% pure and natural and ZERO toxic chemicals! What a great alternative😄 My whole family and my partner use Ice Blue, REMEMBER always dilute the oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil (helps so much more with spreading it around a larger area) OR just use the cream as its oil based you can rub it in for ages and it spreads beautifully. CONTACT ME FOR SAMPLES TODAY💙

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