My minty secret

Peppermint Essential Oil. Used in Toothpaste, gum or for oral hygiene, Peppermint also helps alleviate occasional stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function when taken internally. What are my secrets with using Peppermint Essential Oil in my day to day life? I use 1 drop of peppermint with lemon in my water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse. Occasionally, I take one or two drops in a veggie capsule to alleviate occasional stomach upset. When feeling healthy, and ready to create a fabulous smoothie, I add one drop to the recipe for a refreshing twist. By placing one drop in the palm of your hand with one drop of Frankincense & Wild Orange and inhale, it acts as a mid day pick me up (And stops me from having another coffee)

I like to use Peppermint along with Lavender in the diffuser to keep restful in the early evening but stop signs of fatigue to stay awake and make the most out of a full day.

CAUTIONS: Possible skin sensitivity. Primary benefits: When ingested, promotes healthy respiratory function, and clear breathing, also promotes healthy digestion. Peppermint also repels bugs naturally. Aromatically, Peppermint has a minty, fresh, herbaceous scent that’s perfect for uplifting

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