Do you believe stones and crystals possess healing powers that support our well-being? Are they more than just stunning treasures? Some say they connect us with the earth and remind us of what's important.

  • Rose Quartz - For love, tenderness and Romance

  • Amethyst - For balance, calm and peace. Perfect for heightening intuition and psychic powers

  • Jade - For healing, mind and body. Wisdom, calm, peace and harmony.

  • Black Tourmaline - For protection, transmuting negative energy and grounding.

  • Clear Quartz - Purifying, clarifying and empowering. Aids clear thinking and communication.

  • Amber - For energy, beauty, purification and vitality.

  • Aquamarine - For courage, verbal self expression and inner peace.

  • Citrine - For success, joy, prosperity and abundance. A happy stone for greater confidence and creativity.

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