Camping in the snow

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Camping in the freezing cold is not ideal for my sensitive skin which is why I’m always super on top of my skin care routine when down the snow! . What I can’t go without:

❄ Verage cleanser - perfect balance between cleansing and nourishing for my sensitive skin. ❄ Verage hydrating serum/ Immortal blend - massaged into my skin of a night. ❄ Hydrating cream - on top of the serum - sooo rich and perfect of a night time. ❄ Brightening serum in the morning - my dose of Vit C for brighter skin. ❄ Anti ageing moisturiser - during the morning I mix this with an SPF over the top of the serum. • doTERRA lip balms are in every jackets pocket!! I also have tea tree & Lavender with me at all times for any sort of skin irritation that can happen camping - or for an odd pimple, I apply a drop of tea tree to the area at night. . Sadly my body misses out on skin care because I’m too bloody cold to put anything on😅 however I love massaging my feet 👣with a hot oil to warm my body up before bed, stimulating blood circulation + a little foot massage always helps after a day of snowboarding. I recently used a drop of Black Pepper 😍 . 👋🏻Lucky last - Ice Blue Rub is a must for muscle aches and pains - even though it makes me super cold🤦🏼‍♀️ . X

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