Are you a Traveller?

Essential Oils & Travelling.

Ever wondered if you can take your Oils on the plane with you? The answer is YES

For carry-on, the bottle are only 15ml and so you can bring as many as you like, keeping in mind to still have them in clear plastic bags to avoid spillage.

You're probably thinking now.. Yes, I will be applying Lavender and Frankincense throughout the entire trip to keep me relaxed however because our oils are so potent they may cause irritation for others, so try and use them before and after your trip.

Do you suffer from sickness whilst travelling?

DoTERRA's DigestZen is a perfect combination of 7 Pure Essential Oils blended together to support with a healthy tummy. Almost every time I have been travelling, I create this unnecessary stress right before the flight or the night before even. Is this a thing? Or am I just one stressful human. My most recent trip to Japan in Feb 2018 had me almost on verge of tears due to stress, thankfully I had my Essential Oil Balance to calm my emotions right before boarding the plane.

Germs. Germs. Germs.

One massive thing about travelling is how easy it is to catch something right before you holiday - Its so unfair! On Guard is a protective blend, boosting your immune system and killing germs. I make my own homemade hand cleanser with On Guard rather than using other hand cleansing gels filled with chemicals - Our hands automatically dry when on an airplane so why are we using toxic cleansers to dry them out further. If you haven't already created this magic potion, get creating because you won't be able to put the bottle down.

How do you naturally support yourself?

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