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MAX+ LED machine


"From healing damaged tissue, attacking acne, to stimulating collagen and "getting that glow going", Max+ was designed to respect all skin types and conditions. Max+ is my secret weapon in skin transformation." - Jennifer Brodeur CEO - JBSKINGURU

Max+ is painless, safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive.

Just like plants, our skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light and convert it into energy. Max+ LED light therapy delivers light energy in similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. Max+ emits UV free, beneficial light rays that energize the cells and stimulate the body's own natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells. Each wavelength used offers a different benefit to the skin from helping stimulate collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation and destroy acne bacteria. ​ Enhance your next facial appointment with MAX+ LED Base LED / 15min - $49 Advanced LED / 30min - $65 ​ ​



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